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Political Science Course Offerings 2012-2013
Political Science Course Suggestions 2012-2013

Suggested Electives

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to find electives to fill in between your Political Science ones but you can’t find anything you are remotely interested in. Have no fear! The PSA Community has compiled their favourite Non-Polisci courses for those who need to fill space.

American Studies: Pretty much any course. We ❤ American Studies!

Anthropology 2281G: Development

Anthropology 3389F: Refugee and Migrant Studies

Classical Studies 2200: Mythology

Economics 1022: Macro Economics

First Nations Studies 3722F/G: First Nations Political and Legal Issues

History 2127G – In Search of Canada

History 2303F – US and International Community

History 3320E: Global America

History 3415E: Modern Germany

Law 2101: Introductory Law

Philosophy 2080: Philosophy of Law

Philosophy 3810: Globalization and Contemporary Theories of Justice

Speech 2001: Public Speaking