PSA Mugs and Events for Semester 2

Firstly, the PSA would like to announce that Political Science ​mugs ​are now here!  ​These mugs are perfect representing your field of study.​ The first sale date will be this coming Wednesday, January 22 in SSC ​at the ​main foyer kiosk (just inside the doors) for $5 each.
In other news, this coming semester will be jam-packed with fun events! Below you can find a list of all the different activities in which you can participate.
Next Week
  • Ontario Legislation Internship Program: There is an information session about the OLIP which offers paid internships to graduating and recently graduated students. 4:30 PM, Monday 20 January SSC 4112.
  • Nobel Laureate Lecture: Everyone is welcome to see Nobel Prize winner James Orbinski’s presentation: “The Politics of Global Health”. 3:00 PM, Friday 24 January; tickets must be purchased from Mustang Connections for $5.
Within a Month
  • Wine & Cheese: This is our annual wine and cheese meet and greet with faculty professors. This event is open to all members, although alcohol will only be provided for members 19+. Here you can mingle with all of your UWO and King’s political science professors. 5:30-7:00 PM, 10 February in the back area of the Wave.
Later in the Semester
  • Intent to Register: This is a good event for first-year’s and other students who want to know more about getting a minor, major, or honours in Political Science. This event will run through all of your different options and how best to pursue them. 5:30 PM, 26 February in Somerville House 3315.
  • Gender and Global Change: Where are the Women: This is a conference offered by Women in House where you can discover how conflict, poverty, and indigenous rights intersect with identity globally. Lunch is provided. Tickets must be reserved by 24 February: is on 1 March, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the McKellar Room.
  • 1020 Essay Clinic: Once again, we will be holding our essay clinic for all first years. Feel free to bring in whatever essay progress you have and someone will look over it for you to make sure you are on the right track. 5:00 PM, March 12 in Somerville House 3315