First Year Intent to Register Social

On Tuesday, February 28, at 6:30pm in the Wave, the PSA will be hosting a social event for all first years interested studying Political Science and related disciplines  next year. We have received a lot of feedback that Intent to Register can be very confusing, so we will be having an information session to introduce you to all of the modules that pertain to your interests! Booths and Information will include:
  • Political Science (Differences between Honours, Major, and Minor)
  • International Relations (History and Political Science Joint Program)
  • Economics, Politics, Philosophy
  • American Studies
  • Affiliated College Programs (Huron Global Studies, Kings Social Justice and Peace Studies)
  • How to combine Majors and Minors from other faculties (French, History, MIT ect)
  • Ivey+Political Science
  • Law+Political Science
  • And more!

We invite all first years from all campuses to attend. There will be small appetizers served. Hope to see you there!